Wordsation Ginko onesie

Wordsation designer onesies

Stylish, soft, and unique onesies don’t necessarily mean spending hours at the store or nervously trying to create a DIY item with mixed results.   Wordsation has original designs on their onesies from artists around the globe, with a new artist each month.  They offer you the option of adorning your baby in wearable pieces of art…much more fun that a boring, plain-colored onesie.  This is an excellent place to pick up baby shower gifts, especially if you want to avoid giving duplicate gifts the mama-to-be will have to return.  Our favorite feature?  You can buy a year-long subscription for three designer onesies.  A newborn sized onesie is sent to you right away, in four months you’ll receive a 6 month sized onesie from the same collection with a new print, and eight months from now you receive a 12 month onesie with the final print in that collection.  We know very well how hard it can be to pack away a piece of baby clothing you’ve become attached to, but this gift ensures a new favorite arriving just in time to fill the void.

Wordsation contacted us to see if we were interested in reviewing one of their organic onesies, and let me tell you, when we saw how cute they were, we waited eagerly to see the product in person.  The Ginko onesie did not disappoint!  Designed by Annie Wilkinson, the fun print looks just adorable.  Not only is it unique, but the organic material feels so soft that we didn’t have any qualms about slipping it right on our baby before washing it.  Paired with a skirt, it’s a fun little outfit, very appropriate for blueberry picking and enjoying the outdoors.

Need your own? 

Another Wordsation favorite is the Cat & Mouse onesie.  Actually, it’s hard to pick one that ISN’T a favorite, considering how many sweet designs Wordsation offers.  Tea and cupcake onesies, anyone?  Sea creature onesies?


We’re looking forward to their toddler line and seeing what new artists will appear each month!

Minimalisma – Playfully Simple Children’s Clothing

Minimalisma - Playfully simple children's clothing

Looking for the softest of the soft, simple luxurious hand, and playful yet minimalist styling?  Set sail for Minimalisma, mother-made, Zürich based fashions.  Featuring materials like silk, pima cotton, and cashmere, you’re not likely to find anything more comfy and cozy for your little darlings to romp around in.

Make sure to check out the Madrid mercerized cotton top, it’s a great all-purpose top, comfortable and light-weight.

blabla kids – puppets, mobiles, dolls, clothing & more!

blabla kids - dolls, mobiles, backpacks and more

A big thanks to Addison’s Wonderland for mentioning this brand on their facebook page!

blabla kids was a truly serendipitous find- we happened upon them whilst browsing Facebook because they had supplied one of favourite bedroom decor folks with a doll for their photoshoot.  As we said on Facebook “Holy moly, this is adorable.”.  The dolls are just the beginning: they have puppets, animal backpacks, knit rattles, mobiles (more importantly- mermaid mobiles!!), and also a small line of clothing on top of that!  They were an adorable no-brainer addition to our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest :)

Crochet Boy Tie by New Millie

Crochet Bowtie by New Millie

Continuing our love of crocheted goodness, check out this dapper little (well, rather large I suppose) crochet bowtie by New Millie.  Big and blue, it’s perfect for, as she says “big boy photos”, or any time you want to add a hefty dose of equal parts dapper and whimsy to your son’s next outfit.  We particularly love the outfit in this photo- the plaid, hoodie, dapper-ness is pitch perfect.

Introducing New Millie – Crocheted Babywear

New Millie Crocheted Baby Goods

If you haven’t already clicked on the gorgeous photos up there and left to go oggle the gorgeous crochet work at New Millie…what are you waiting for?!?  But seriously though this is amazing work, detailed, colorful, with a palette that is at once vibrant, but delicate.  I love her etsy profile, which I’d like to share here:

Hi, I’m Steph. Welcome to New Millie.

My Grandma, the original Millie, taught me to crochet and craft when I was very young. She was industrious and creative; sewing clothes, painting Christmas gifts, and using her hands to create something special.

I have a photo of myself in a blue dress that my Grandma made me. I think I was around four. I love that photo. I wish I still had that dress, so I could look at it, admire it, know the time that went into making it. I would put it on my four year old daughter and tell her how her Great Grandma made this; how special it is.

I hope to do that for you; create something special. Create a memory. I love to crochet. Love it. And I love to make items that can be used for your baby’s first photo shoot or your daughters 1st birthday or you son’s picture in front of the Christmas Tree. I love thinking that a hat or headband or diaper cover that I created will hold great sentimental value for you one day.

Because I love what I do, I take great pride in my yarn choices as well as the quality in my work. My husband has witnessed many times (in horror) as I rip apart an almost complete item because it “just wasn’t right.” I never send an item that I am not proud of; that I wouldn’t put on my own children. What I do is so fun, but I take it very serious.

Introducing The Little Parasol – Handmade Accessories for Children

The Little Parasol offers a variety of adorable, handmade accessories for boys, girls, and babies.  As evidenced by our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest, we’ve got a little bit of an obsession going on here.  What we love most about her removable collars and bowties this little shop is that it helps take your kids existing wardrobe a little further, adding even more character and flair to your old favorites, and giving you a whole new set of outfit combinations.  Simple, practical, and of course adorable, what more could you want?

Baby Drool Bib by The Little Parasol

Baby drool bib

Too.  Precious. For.  Words.  Super simple bandana drool bibs are one of our new favourite baby must-haves, and this 2 piece set from The Little Parasol is exemplary!  Double sided, one features an adorable print (a handful of varieties available!) and the other is ribbed cotton in a coordinating colour.  Velcro straps mean easy-on-easy-off, and the charming gender neutral prints make them perfect for your next baby shower.

For more inspiration check out our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest!

Brand report by Nisha!

Today we have a lovely guest post by Nisha, who was kind enough to tell us about some of her favourite fashionable kids’ brands :)

Apart from well-established big name luxury brands, here are some modern designer brands which create exceptionally good quality clothing for babies and children.

Jelly the Pug

Jelly the Pug

“Where did you get it?” is the likely response when you dress your little princess in clothing from the line. Supplying high fashion garments with complex designs and construction to discourage copycats is the mission statement of the company. Tiered-skirted pinafores with whimsical prints tastefully juxtaposed with geometric squares, or a modified kimono hooded dress with Japanese origami paper cranes printed on the skirt for instance, there is no other designer that puts equal attention to detail when creating both the fabric and the style. Ruffles are all the rage this year, and I have taken a particular fancy in the Opal Ruffle Romper which is a cross-backed sleeveless short tall with cute layers of ruffles on the sides and back. Jelly the Pug was started by a mother who decided that stores had too generic styles and wanted something unique for her daughters. It was when she started getting a flurry of compliments when she decided to turn it into a business.

Emile et Rose

Dressing a baby in elegant clothing can be quite a feat sometimes, especially when searching for the softest and most gentle fabrics without compromising on quality. Emile et Rose features baby clothing in luxurious fabrics like soft velour and French Terry, come in an array of pastels that are easy on tired eyes, and are made in small quantities for exclusivity. In fact most of their garments are manufactured in a single factory, knitwear comes from a specialty knitting house, and most of the baby clothing are hand finished. Their Spring/Summer 2012 line is sailor themed, all outfits come complete with matching hats.

Tea Collection

Tea Collection

Imagine the whole world in one place. I am particularly attracted to the Tea Collection’s worldly view on fashion, encompassing earthly colors and foreign-inspired prints, their children’s clothing is like no other. Their latest Spring/Summer range spotlights Bali, and every article of clothing has the theme of resort wear in an equatorial beach paradise. Summer citrus colors and ocean blues, no matter how you mix and match your child is sure to look hip for the season. The designers travel to a different country destination every season to adopt the culture and translate their styles to modern fashion. The fabrics are carefully selected to outlast the competition, withstand regular wear and tear and no pills from frequent washing. Tea Collection also designs for mothers who want to dress complementary to their kids.

Lipstik Girls

Lipstik Girls

Elisa Barretta Lloyd, the founding designer behind the brand, creates a few masterpieces per season and for this summer she has soft cotton spaghetti strap sun dresses for little girls. The Flower Power dress is a printed chiffon swirly number adorned with pretty purple sequins along the neckband that will add sparkle and shimmer when your little girl frolicks in the afternoon sun. For the evening she could don the Bling Stripes Dress, a fitted sleeveless sheathe dress in metallic gold and chocolate for a stunning appearance. What I like about Elisa’s designs is that every piece is decorated with beads, sequins, rhinestones, or embroidery appliqués to appeal to the exquisite taste of little fashionistas. Sometimes preschoolers just love dressing up like their stylish mothers and shy away from anything that reflects their youth.

My name is Nisha, I love to write and explore the world of fashion.

GAP Embroidered Flower Dress Outfit (summer love!)

GAP Summer Love outfit

While browsing the GAP store oggling their new Threadless onesies I happened upon the baby girl’s summer line and found these pieces.  LOVE!  GAP has in the past had a freaky sense for adorable lightweight summer girls’ dresses, and this combination has made me fall in love all over again!

In this outfit:


GAP + Threadless = Adorable.

GAP + Threadless Tee's and OnesiesAs some of you may know, GAP and Threadless teamed up this spring to produce a fresh line of tee’s for men and women.  Well now that summer is rolling around, they’re extending the new line to include tee’s and onesies for your little dude or dudette!  Graphic tee’s are a mainstay in ANYONE’s wardrobe, and as they say, variety is the spice of life.  SO, next time your wee ones outgrow their current set of duds, be sure to stock up on this summer fashion staple any which way you can :)