Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Butterfly Outfit Review

When I think of Burt’s Bees, I immediately think of the sweet smell of their milk and honey lotion, or of the lip balms I have tucked in my purse, my nightstand, my car…  We’ve got their products stashed away everywhere.  Even our kids like to carry around tubes of their lip balm.  We’re big fans of their products in this house, especially because it can be tricky to find baby products that don’t contain harmful chemicals.  Did you know they have a new clothing line?  I’ve got to admit, I was really excited when they contacted us for a review.

We were sent a very sweet little outfit-a white ribbed bodysuit with ruffles on the bottom, and a pink tee that snaps up at the back of the neck and drapes gracefully when baby moves, allowing plenty of mobility and letting us see the adorable ruffles on the bum of the bodysuit.  Clothes that allow room for movement are a must, as our little model likes to scale any and everything she sees.  The organic cotton is soft and comfortable, great for babies with sensitive skin.  The bodysuit is a bit thin, so if it bothers you to see your baby’s diaper, you’ll want to put a onesie on underneath.  The little details made a big impression on us, particularly the ruffle butt, the utterly adorable poofy sleeves, and the drape of the little pink overshirt.  It fits large-something we appreciate as kids grow out of clothes so quickly.


Burt’s Bees didn’t disappoint!  If you need your own, you can buy it through Target.

Rich in Clothing – Our new favourite tees

With Henry starting school this fall we’ve been stocking up on the essentials- tees, new shoes, backpack, etc, so when Rich in Clothing asked us about reviewing their new line of kid’s tees (coming soon) it was a no brainer.  On top of that, Todd, one of the owners, was kind enough to include a men’s pack as well!  Unfortunately I wound up being behind the camera on this one, so I didn’t get the matching shots I wanted.

Little did I know that upon opening the package I would be treated to the most comfortable and best fitting tees we’ve ever worn.  It’s little wonder, if you read the story of how Rich in Clothing was started- the desire to have a set of tee shirts that are environmentally friendly, that just fit, and aren’t outrageously expensive.  They felt that the usual staple tees were falling into two camps- either they came in a plastic bag with atrocious fabric and poor fit, OR they fell into the American Apparel camp, slim fit only, often with ridiculous plunging necklines.  And thus RIC was born, and wow did they ever knock it out of the park!

Each 3 pack comes in a bag made from the waste from their t-shirt making process, and from the moment you touch it you know you’ve ascended beyond what you thought you knew and discovered a truly wonderful product.  I’m going to have to be a little gushy here, but the care put into making the t-shirts and packing is obvious before you even put them on.  And once you put them on…

As you can see here, the shirt just fits.  The v-neck line they use is a little bit broader and deeper than your average Hanes, but without plunging into the realm of “ummm…”.  That little deviation really sets them apart and makes them look and feel fabulous with your favorite pair of jeans or khakis.  Each cotton shirt is individually dyed, resulting in the super-soft hand that stays with the shirt from wash to wash, unlike some that are soft when you first buy them but quickly start to pill and stiffen.  We wore these religiously on vacation, through sand and lake and they held up even better than expected.

They come in 3 packs of black, white, salt n pepper, or mixed, and at $39 per bag they’re a better deal than the cheaply made graphic tees available at most retail stores!  The luxurious fabric has stood up to numerous washings, impressing us with their durability.  We recommend buying a pack for back to school, and make sure Dad gets a pack too!

plutokids elemeno tee

plutokids, an Etsy seller based in Chicago, has some seriously cute tees for sale.  Since we’re submitting paperwork for preschool, our thoughts have been on the fall and making sure we have all the supplies necessary, including extra clothing to send with Henry to school. This funny little tee is high on the list.  Small kids perceive things in such a unique way, and this plutokids shirt embraces that sweet moment of time when “mice” are called “mouses”, when teachers appear to live at the school, and when the alphabet seems to be composed of many letters, including the really long letter of “elemeno”.


Also, this big brother tee is the cutest one we’ve seen yet.  I’m kicking myself for not seeing it sooner, back when the concept of being a big brother was first introduced to Henry.



Back to School Backpack Round Up 2012

The school year is just around the corner.  We’ve rounded up our favorite backpacks, and we didn’t forget the little guys!  We’ve included wee-sized backpacks for those just starting preschool (including our Henry…where did the time go?) and backpacks for older kids, too.


Pottery Barn has some ridiculously cute little backpacks this year, including the rocket (left) and the owl (bottom left).  Both are $29.50.  Keep in mind that as preschool bags, they are sized very small to keep kids from trying to carry too much and possibly harming their backs.  I’ve personally had a few chats with my two-year-old about how he really doesn’t need to bring fifty Hot Wheels with him, even if they do all fit into his backpack, so this make sense to me.

Skip Hop has their zoo pack collection, and frankly, every single one is so cute I want to bring ALL of them home with me!  Here we have the penguin ($20, below), but again, even the bee backpack is adorable (and I am terrified of bees).  The bags seem very durable and are sized nice and small to avoid back problems.  We also love the water bottle pocket on the side.

The Children’s Place has some sweet (and affordable) backpacks waiting to be filled with a change of clothes and a snack.  We really like the girly monkey (up, middle)normally $18.95, on sale for $11.99) and the friendly dog (upper right, also on sale, marked down from $18.95 to $11.99).

These Beatrix bags are sure to get a lot of attention for the cute appliques.  We especially love the hungry shark (bottom left, $37.79)

Grade School

Garnet Hill has a plethora of cute, highly rated backpacks to choose from (we especially like the blue plaid, bottom left) and you’ll receive a free lunch pack with every backpack purchased, through September 4th.  We love all the compartments-there’s a water bottle holder on the side, an mp3 player compartment, and plenty of room for colored pencils, markers, etc.  ($44.95)

High School

Okay, chances are pretty good your input on what kind of backpack to buy isn’t going to be readily accepted by a high-schooler.  However, if you’ve got a laid-back kid or you feel you need some say, here are some good options:

The Eastpak Pak’r Backpack is durable (most Eastpak bags have a 30 year warranty), meaning it’s a great value.  We love the bird print-fun without being cutesy.

This North Face Borealis (bottom left, $89) in Asphalt Grey is attractive and rugged enough to last through high school all the way to pre-college backpacking.  It has a safety whistle on the chest buckle, a laptop sleeve, and it’s even endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

The Vans Axiom Backpack (bottom right) has a timeless style, and has several features that make it a winner, including the laptop compartment.  One of its most useful qualities is that it boasts an audio pocket with an audio port hidden underneath the handle.  ($100)


New arrivals from Tea Collection!

I’m beyond excited about Tea Collection’s newest arrivals!  As a passionate lover of children’s fashion, Tea collection holds a special place in my heart.  Their globally inspired pieces are always fun and appealing to both kids and adults, without  compromising on quality.  I’ll never forget the plum Tea crossover tunic I bought when I first learned my second baby was a girl.  Lucy grew quickly, but I managed to slip it (and later squeeze it) on her every time it was clean, because it was both adorable and soft.


This Hanji Floral Wrap Dress ($45) is impossibly cute, and would look so sweet with some tights, mary janes, and little buns.


The Kasato Stripe Dress ($45) is a fun little top with a hoodie in the back.  It’d also be great with tights or leggings, and can even be matched with casual tennis shoes.


We love that Tea never forgets that boys deserve fashionable duds, too.  The Bjorn-bot layered tee ($30) will please both parents and kids.



This playful Cykel Hoodie ($49) has a neon zipper and boys will love the giant bicycle graphic.  It’ll go great over a striped tee with some jeans.



Wovenplay Shark Shorts

These adorable little shorts are sure to get attention this summer!  Wovenplay has created the perfectly sassy pair of shorts for a child that can’t get enough of sharks.  The eyes are custom-finished buttons, and the practical parents will enjoy the hidden adjustable elastic waistband-meaning the shorts will last for quite a while, even as your child grows.

Minimalisma – Playfully Simple Children’s Clothing

Minimalisma - Playfully simple children's clothing

Looking for the softest of the soft, simple luxurious hand, and playful yet minimalist styling?  Set sail for Minimalisma, mother-made, Zürich based fashions.  Featuring materials like silk, pima cotton, and cashmere, you’re not likely to find anything more comfy and cozy for your little darlings to romp around in.

Make sure to check out the Madrid mercerized cotton top, it’s a great all-purpose top, comfortable and light-weight.

blabla kids – puppets, mobiles, dolls, clothing & more!

blabla kids - dolls, mobiles, backpacks and more

A big thanks to Addison’s Wonderland for mentioning this brand on their facebook page!

blabla kids was a truly serendipitous find- we happened upon them whilst browsing Facebook because they had supplied one of favourite bedroom decor folks with a doll for their photoshoot.  As we said on Facebook “Holy moly, this is adorable.”.  The dolls are just the beginning: they have puppets, animal backpacks, knit rattles, mobiles (more importantly- mermaid mobiles!!), and also a small line of clothing on top of that!  They were an adorable no-brainer addition to our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest :)

Introducing The Little Parasol – Handmade Accessories for Children

The Little Parasol offers a variety of adorable, handmade accessories for boys, girls, and babies.  As evidenced by our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest, we’ve got a little bit of an obsession going on here.  What we love most about her removable collars and bowties this little shop is that it helps take your kids existing wardrobe a little further, adding even more character and flair to your old favorites, and giving you a whole new set of outfit combinations.  Simple, practical, and of course adorable, what more could you want?

Stella Cove – Beautiful Beachwear

Stella Cove Beachware

Stella Cove is a fully awesome, glamorous line of swimwear for girls and boys of all ages, and mom too!  I have yet to see anything in their line up that I don’t like.  Combining creative pattern prints with interesting cuts in their swimwear really breaks them out of mundanity and results in some really interesting pieces.  On top of that, their coverups and dresses are light cotton, trending towards lighter shades and hints of delicate patterns making an appearance for a sprightly, minimalist look.