Bobo Choses baggy trousers with rubber knee patches

We adore these feisty little trousers for kids who tend to rip up the knees of their pants.  Bobo Choses used green rubber patches and a neon yellow button to add some flair to their soft twill chinos.  These would look great paired with just about anything!

Nils & Happy to See You Dress of Stars


This breathtaking dress from Nils & Happy to See You is timelessly enchanting.  Not only is it a beautiful fairytale dress, it’s also made in France using linen and iridescent gold sequined tulle.  It even boasts a ribbon-laced back.  One of our favorite features of Nils & Happy to See You is that they sell miniature versions of their outfits for Waldorf dolls, even the boy’s clothes.  If you’ve got a mini queen running around, chances are she and her favorite mini subject would adore this dress.

Wovenplay Shark Shorts

These adorable little shorts are sure to get attention this summer!  Wovenplay has created the perfectly sassy pair of shorts for a child that can’t get enough of sharks.  The eyes are custom-finished buttons, and the practical parents will enjoy the hidden adjustable elastic waistband-meaning the shorts will last for quite a while, even as your child grows.

Minimalisma – Playfully Simple Children’s Clothing

Minimalisma - Playfully simple children's clothing

Looking for the softest of the soft, simple luxurious hand, and playful yet minimalist styling?  Set sail for Minimalisma, mother-made, Zürich based fashions.  Featuring materials like silk, pima cotton, and cashmere, you’re not likely to find anything more comfy and cozy for your little darlings to romp around in.

Make sure to check out the Madrid mercerized cotton top, it’s a great all-purpose top, comfortable and light-weight.

petit select: Father’s Day – Functional and Fab

Father's Day Gifts

father’s day  gifts for new dads and seasoned pro’s

Rubicon Rucksack in Distressed Brown Leather ($271)

A long time favorite, ruggedly handsome and made by seasoned baby-accessory experts at Petunia Picklebottom, so you know that the quality and utility are second to none.

GAP Lightweight Heather Polo ($34.95)

In the seemingly endless numbered days of spit up, spilled juice/milk/whatever, having a stash of sharp go-to shirts is a must.  Lightweight heather is a must-have to hold up in the summer heat.

BOG Shoes Men’s Hawthorne Slip-On Sneaker ($68)

When mother nature is a little too rough for his every-day sneakers, these ought to do nicely to keep the his socks dry, and his outfit stylish.

Lets Panic About Babies! ($10)

For new dad’s, a little wit and wisdom about the life changing adventures they’re about to embark on!

Scout Walk-About Baby Carrier ($199)

With hardy materials like leather and wool this is a baby carrier like no other, rugged and chic with style to spare!

Banana Republic “Corbin” Sunglasses ($78)

Because sometimes you just need one awesome pair of shades to pull of the trendy-superdad look.

petit select: Afternoon at the Beach

Afternoon on the Beach - Girl's Outfit

Picture perfect for romping along on a beach paradise…


Little Skye Boutique featuring Pépé italian footwear

Little Skye Boutique

Have a craving for high-end girls footwear, fresh out of Italy?  Look no further than Little Skye Boutique, which aside from a delectable selection of other fashionable clothing, has the largest selection of Pépé shoes this side of the interwebs.  Pépé sums up their brand thus:

 …epitomises simplicity, harmony and handcrafted workmanship.Great importance is given to researching and experimenting with both colour and unusual materials, which are of course of the very best quality. Made solely in Italy, Pepe’s shoes and boots perfectly mix retro and contemporary details, making them very personal, unique and pure.

And when you’re done drooling over the amazing footwear, be sure to check out the other must-have, perfect-for-summer rompers and and jumpsuits & baby/toddler one-piece outfits available at Little Skye.

blabla kids – puppets, mobiles, dolls, clothing & more!

blabla kids - dolls, mobiles, backpacks and more

A big thanks to Addison’s Wonderland for mentioning this brand on their facebook page!

blabla kids was a truly serendipitous find- we happened upon them whilst browsing Facebook because they had supplied one of favourite bedroom decor folks with a doll for their photoshoot.  As we said on Facebook “Holy moly, this is adorable.”.  The dolls are just the beginning: they have puppets, animal backpacks, knit rattles, mobiles (more importantly- mermaid mobiles!!), and also a small line of clothing on top of that!  They were an adorable no-brainer addition to our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest :)

Crochet Boy Tie by New Millie

Crochet Bowtie by New Millie

Continuing our love of crocheted goodness, check out this dapper little (well, rather large I suppose) crochet bowtie by New Millie.  Big and blue, it’s perfect for, as she says “big boy photos”, or any time you want to add a hefty dose of equal parts dapper and whimsy to your son’s next outfit.  We particularly love the outfit in this photo- the plaid, hoodie, dapper-ness is pitch perfect.

Introducing New Millie – Crocheted Babywear

New Millie Crocheted Baby Goods

If you haven’t already clicked on the gorgeous photos up there and left to go oggle the gorgeous crochet work at New Millie…what are you waiting for?!?  But seriously though this is amazing work, detailed, colorful, with a palette that is at once vibrant, but delicate.  I love her etsy profile, which I’d like to share here:

Hi, I’m Steph. Welcome to New Millie.

My Grandma, the original Millie, taught me to crochet and craft when I was very young. She was industrious and creative; sewing clothes, painting Christmas gifts, and using her hands to create something special.

I have a photo of myself in a blue dress that my Grandma made me. I think I was around four. I love that photo. I wish I still had that dress, so I could look at it, admire it, know the time that went into making it. I would put it on my four year old daughter and tell her how her Great Grandma made this; how special it is.

I hope to do that for you; create something special. Create a memory. I love to crochet. Love it. And I love to make items that can be used for your baby’s first photo shoot or your daughters 1st birthday or you son’s picture in front of the Christmas Tree. I love thinking that a hat or headband or diaper cover that I created will hold great sentimental value for you one day.

Because I love what I do, I take great pride in my yarn choices as well as the quality in my work. My husband has witnessed many times (in horror) as I rip apart an almost complete item because it “just wasn’t right.” I never send an item that I am not proud of; that I wouldn’t put on my own children. What I do is so fun, but I take it very serious.