Clara de Paris Review – Flawless French Fashion

Clara de Paris is an exquisite online boutique for children’s clothing. Based in and inspired by Paris, Clara de Paris brings the unique and sophisticated flair of European designers to children’s fashion lovers around the world.

Children's Fashion & Accessories - Clara de Paris

Clara de Paris is a beautiful website. We loved the layout of it; the design was pleasingly unobtrusive and so inviting. The coloring and tone reflected the clothing and accessories on display. Neutral, natural and simplicity at its best.

This boutique offers the finest French designers in children’s clothing and accessories. From trendy diaper bags to whimsical dress-up customs, there is something for everyone and every occasion. For the little boy who loves boats? How about the Boy’s Vintage Boat School Bag. For the girly-girl on her birthday? Marie Antoinette’s Princess dress. We loved the variety and the sophistication of the lines available. If you want your little one to look classy, and put together, any of these timeless looks will be sure to please.

With new designers and clothing lines added and updated regularly, Clara de Paris makes finding refined clothes for boys and girls not only easy, but enjoyable and informative. One feature on their website that particularly impressed us was their trends page. For example, they put together a lovely shopping day outfit for girls, and then had links to other recommended items. With outfit ideas for boys and girls, and adorable gift suggestions for babies, their picks were flawless.

We can’t wait to check back for more looks.

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