Boys’ Fashion Trends 2010

Boys’ fashion has had a lot of catching up to do with the plethora options that are available for our little girls, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen the offerings broaden and really come into their own.  No longer are we bound to pastel blues and puppies!  Really, a lot of what we’re seeing lately is what we’re loving about girls fashion these days- heavily vintage influenced style with a modern twist.  Most importantly the trends we’re highlighting here are ones that let boys be boys, without sacrificing style.

Our top 5 boys fashion trends of 2010

Snap Front Pattern Western Shirt with Constrasting Yolks

Patterned snap and button down shirts with contrasting yolk

We’ve seen these popping up EVERYWHERE!  Every label seems to have their own take on this classic look for boys.  The contrasting yolk lends funky style to an otherwise clean cut shirt.  Patterns like diamonds, bold polka dots, and tonal stripes are the order of the day, with patch pockets and snaps also make the rounds for easy on and off.

Boys Snowboarder Hat

Stylish headgear- Snowboarder hats and fedoras

The number of options for headwear for men has expanded significantly over the past few years, and in turn has trickled down into boys’ fashion as well.  We’re seeing a lot of military inspired hats, classic fedoras, and skater style snowboarder hats.  As we all know boys have much fewer options for accessorizing than girls, so we have to make each one count!

Our favs
Snowboarder lid by Eli’s Lids
Harbor Tweed Newsboy by Eden’s Bouquet
Fedora by Axel and Hudson

Boys Varsity Jacket and Bomber

Varsity Jackets and Bombers

Another great throwback to the timeless look that embodies boys and all the rough and tumble madness that they carry with them every day.  Snaps, zippers, leather accents, patches- they offer endless opportunities for unique embellishments that give each piece as much individual personality as the boys who wear them.

Boys Sneakers Vintage Retro Style


They come in many styles and shapes and sizes, and they are everywhere!  Taking inspiration from the classic Nike and Converse hi-top style from years past, this new breed of sneakers is multiplying in new varieties every day.  Like hats, the right pair of sneakers can add some whimsy to a formal outfit that takes itself too seriously, fit right in with a skater style outfit, or simply be a staple of you boys’ wardrobe.

Our favs
Cesario Black Sneaker by Creative Recreation
Command Hi Top Sneaker by Children’s Place
Coronado Hi Top by Keen

Boys denim pants, rolled cuffs

Quality Denim- Rolled Cuffs

Being a consummate denim addict, I am loving the selection available for boys these days.  As boys’ fashion lines have expanded to cover more and more different styles, you’re able to get denim the way you want it.  Rolled cuffs are particularly popular lately as the vintage revival continues to grow in strength and variety.

What are your favorite trends?  Which ones can’t you stand?

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