Chateau De Sable – French designed children’s wear

Chateau de Sable children's fashion

Chateau de Sable, which means “sand castle” is a up and coming French children’s clothing label with an extraordinary attention to detail while not forgetting the innocent whimsical pleasures of childhood.  We felt that their own “About us” copy so perfectly captures what inspires US about children’s fashion that we couldn’t help but share it with you:

The inspiration for Château de sable is the innocence and vitality of children at play and a belief that children should look like children. Styling is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary with specially selected fabrics to ensure the highest possible quality for each item. The fine attention to detail is demonstrated by the exquisite finish of each piece in the collection.

The collections are presented to allow siblings to coordinate while still embracing individual identity; a real bonus if you have twins! This also means that by choosing a few items you can have a wide and interchangeable selection of outfits.

They keep their collections small and change often to make sure there’s plenty of variety and each line maintains a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity.  For the full experience you can find their US store here for your shopping pleasure.  And don’t forget to follow them on twitter to stay up to date on new lines, sales, and more!

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