Fun, fashionable footwear from Shoemee’s!

Kid's shoes by Shoemees

We recently had the pleasure of taking a pair of Shoemees out for a spin for a bit of blueberry picking!  Shoemees are a fun new line that takes all of the things we look for in a good pair of shoes- solid construction with natural materials (lovely breathable leather uppers) and comfy, grippy soles, and adds in the twist of including a plush character and “home” with each pair!  You can learn more about those here!  Every pair features a similar simple colored trim on the upper, available in a variety of colors sure to work great as a staple of your kid’s wardrobe.

How did they perform?

One of the big things that we check for when trying out a new pair of shoes is the “sprinting test”.  If Henry can sprint across the room without taking a fall, then we know that the sole of the shoe is fitting and gripping correctly.  We are happy to say that Shoemees passed with flying colors :)  The grip on the sole runs up the back and front slightly, offering a little bit better traction than other shoes we’ve owned.

The other big test is how well he can do the sprinting test outside!  Again, the fit was amazing and he was able to run up and down rows of blueberry bushes with nary a spill to be had!


We crunched em up, pulled on the tongue, and generally put them through the wringer to see how the seams respond when put under extra stress- and they did great!

Our favorite parts…

If you couldn’t tell, we really loved the fit and grip of these shoes!  They held up great outside and inside, keeping our little on his feet instead of his face.  Also the simple classic red and white trim in the design is easy to pair with his clothing, and is easily appropriate for play and special occasions!

Shoemees are $39.99 and you can buy them here and use code shee3” for $5.95 off + free shipping!!

Loving it? Or not so much? We want to know!