Wordsation Ginko onesie

Wordsation designer onesies

Stylish, soft, and unique onesies don’t necessarily mean spending hours at the store or nervously trying to create a DIY item with mixed results.   Wordsation has original designs on their onesies from artists around the globe, with a new artist each month.  They offer you the option of adorning your baby in wearable pieces of art…much more fun that a boring, plain-colored onesie.  This is an excellent place to pick up baby shower gifts, especially if you want to avoid giving duplicate gifts the mama-to-be will have to return.  Our favorite feature?  You can buy a year-long subscription for three designer onesies.  A newborn sized onesie is sent to you right away, in four months you’ll receive a 6 month sized onesie from the same collection with a new print, and eight months from now you receive a 12 month onesie with the final print in that collection.  We know very well how hard it can be to pack away a piece of baby clothing you’ve become attached to, but this gift ensures a new favorite arriving just in time to fill the void.

Wordsation contacted us to see if we were interested in reviewing one of their organic onesies, and let me tell you, when we saw how cute they were, we waited eagerly to see the product in person.  The Ginko onesie did not disappoint!  Designed by Annie Wilkinson, the fun print looks just adorable.  Not only is it unique, but the organic material feels so soft that we didn’t have any qualms about slipping it right on our baby before washing it.  Paired with a skirt, it’s a fun little outfit, very appropriate for blueberry picking and enjoying the outdoors.

Need your own? 

Another Wordsation favorite is the Cat & Mouse onesie.  Actually, it’s hard to pick one that ISN’T a favorite, considering how many sweet designs Wordsation offers.  Tea and cupcake onesies, anyone?  Sea creature onesies?


We’re looking forward to their toddler line and seeing what new artists will appear each month!

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