Introducing New Millie – Crocheted Babywear

New Millie Crocheted Baby Goods

If you haven’t already clicked on the gorgeous photos up there and left to go oggle the gorgeous crochet work at New Millie…what are you waiting for?!?  But seriously though this is amazing work, detailed, colorful, with a palette that is at once vibrant, but delicate.  I love her etsy profile, which I’d like to share here:

Hi, I’m Steph. Welcome to New Millie.

My Grandma, the original Millie, taught me to crochet and craft when I was very young. She was industrious and creative; sewing clothes, painting Christmas gifts, and using her hands to create something special.

I have a photo of myself in a blue dress that my Grandma made me. I think I was around four. I love that photo. I wish I still had that dress, so I could look at it, admire it, know the time that went into making it. I would put it on my four year old daughter and tell her how her Great Grandma made this; how special it is.

I hope to do that for you; create something special. Create a memory. I love to crochet. Love it. And I love to make items that can be used for your baby’s first photo shoot or your daughters 1st birthday or you son’s picture in front of the Christmas Tree. I love thinking that a hat or headband or diaper cover that I created will hold great sentimental value for you one day.

Because I love what I do, I take great pride in my yarn choices as well as the quality in my work. My husband has witnessed many times (in horror) as I rip apart an almost complete item because it “just wasn’t right.” I never send an item that I am not proud of; that I wouldn’t put on my own children. What I do is so fun, but I take it very serious.

Loving it? Or not so much? We want to know!