Little Skye Boutique featuring Pépé italian footwear

Little Skye Boutique

Have a craving for high-end girls footwear, fresh out of Italy?  Look no further than Little Skye Boutique, which aside from a delectable selection of other fashionable clothing, has the largest selection of Pépé shoes this side of the interwebs.  Pépé sums up their brand thus:

 …epitomises simplicity, harmony and handcrafted workmanship.Great importance is given to researching and experimenting with both colour and unusual materials, which are of course of the very best quality. Made solely in Italy, Pepe’s shoes and boots perfectly mix retro and contemporary details, making them very personal, unique and pure.

And when you’re done drooling over the amazing footwear, be sure to check out the other must-have, perfect-for-summer rompers and and jumpsuits & baby/toddler one-piece outfits available at Little Skye.

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