One Jackson – Crowd-Sourced Kid’s Fashion

One Jackson - Crowd Sourced Kids' Style

With a fresh take on children’s fashion by-parents-for-parents, One Jackson crowd sources kids’ fashion designs based on idea boards developed by their in-house creative team.  Based on their initial inspirations, the parameters for the design contests are posted, and anyone is free to submit designs.  Members of the website then vote on the designs, which are then produced.  By only producing what there is a clear demand for, One Jackson creates an efficient and cost effective marketplace where parents can find high fashion for prices that are easy to swallow.

what we’re loving

Well aside from the “give the people what they want” approach, we adore that One Jackson is giving anyone a chance to get their work in front of fashion-hungry parents.  And because the designs are democratically approved, they are uniquely practical and accessible.  Affordable, practical, with fresh design sensibilities every collection?  J’adore.

the facts


  • Between 8 and 10 collections per year.
  • Each collection will have between 10 and 12 styles. Each style comes in several colors and 5 sizes.
  • Collections are a limited run. They’ll typically be available for between 4 to 8 weeks depending on how quickly they sell out.


Our amazing knits are fine Peruvian Pima cotton, being produced by some of the same factories that manufacture leading contemporary lines such as Tory Burch, Vince, Theory and Rag and Bone. Items will be manufactured in the U.S., Peru, and Asia.

Pieces are sold as separates, but we’ll also be offering the opportunity for parents to buy a whole outfit at a great price.

One Jackson will be launching to the public in August 2012.

Prices range from $16 to $42 per item.

Boys and Girls:

  • Our first two lines are for boys only. We heard from parents that they felt there was the least amount of choice and fresh design in boys clothing. As parents of boys ourselves, we completely agreed. So we started with boys, but are quickly expanding to girls clothing as well.
  • Girls clothing will roll out with the Holiday 2012 collection.


Get all the details here:

Press Kit
Look Book

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