Our interview with Mischka Aoki

Mischka Aoki kid's fashion

We recently had the pleasure of having a few of our favorite questions answered by Winnie, the design-genius behind Mishka Aoki. As you know our inquiring minds are always keen to get a peek behind the veil, to see where the magic happens, in the mind of the designer.

What got you started working in children’s clothing design?

It all started when I had my daughter a few years back and I couldn’t find anything that looked stylish & different for her to wear when we are out. So I ended up designing dresses for her and I noticed that we always received compliments about her dresses and people always enquired where we bought the dresses. So that’s how it all started!

What sources of inspiration do you continually find yourself going back to, what are some new ones that have influenced your most recent collection?

There isn’t anything in particular, as every collections has quite a different inspiration.

Tell us a bit about your drive and purpose, your vision for your designs.

To provide a line that is fresh, stylish, unique and stand out from the crowd. Most labels out there do very colourful dresses for children, and though I have started to introduce a few colours along the season, I believe that girls don’t have to always be in pink, nor boys in blue.

What current trends are you keeping track of? Any that you just can’t stand?

There isn’t any specific trends that I keep track of because I believe that we should dress based on what makes us look and feel good, not just what’s deemed trendy.

How do you feel that current trend affects your design?

As per above, my designs aren’t normally affected by trends, however in the beginning of the design process sometimes my colour palette is.  In the end I go for what is the most beautiful, whether it’s trendy or not :)

What do you feel makes your work unique?

I like anything ‘couture’ and so I wanted to created dresses that are unique, if a little bit over the top some might say ;) —but are still cute!

What’s your favorite piece from your current line? Any all time favorite(s)?

Absolutely, my limited edition LONG LIVE THE LITTLE QUEEN dress!  Though “One Day in Paris” & “One Million Dreams” dress have also been my all time favorite as well.


And that’s that!  Thank you so much Winnie for taking the time to chat with us!

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