Rich in Clothing – Our new favourite tees

With Henry starting school this fall we’ve been stocking up on the essentials- tees, new shoes, backpack, etc, so when Rich in Clothing asked us about reviewing their new line of kid’s tees (coming soon) it was a no brainer.  On top of that, Todd, one of the owners, was kind enough to include a men’s pack as well!  Unfortunately I wound up being behind the camera on this one, so I didn’t get the matching shots I wanted.

Little did I know that upon opening the package I would be treated to the most comfortable and best fitting tees we’ve ever worn.  It’s little wonder, if you read the story of how Rich in Clothing was started- the desire to have a set of tee shirts that are environmentally friendly, that just fit, and aren’t outrageously expensive.  They felt that the usual staple tees were falling into two camps- either they came in a plastic bag with atrocious fabric and poor fit, OR they fell into the American Apparel camp, slim fit only, often with ridiculous plunging necklines.  And thus RIC was born, and wow did they ever knock it out of the park!

Each 3 pack comes in a bag made from the waste from their t-shirt making process, and from the moment you touch it you know you’ve ascended beyond what you thought you knew and discovered a truly wonderful product.  I’m going to have to be a little gushy here, but the care put into making the t-shirts and packing is obvious before you even put them on.  And once you put them on…

As you can see here, the shirt just fits.  The v-neck line they use is a little bit broader and deeper than your average Hanes, but without plunging into the realm of “ummm…”.  That little deviation really sets them apart and makes them look and feel fabulous with your favorite pair of jeans or khakis.  Each cotton shirt is individually dyed, resulting in the super-soft hand that stays with the shirt from wash to wash, unlike some that are soft when you first buy them but quickly start to pill and stiffen.  We wore these religiously on vacation, through sand and lake and they held up even better than expected.

They come in 3 packs of black, white, salt n pepper, or mixed, and at $39 per bag they’re a better deal than the cheaply made graphic tees available at most retail stores!  The luxurious fabric has stood up to numerous washings, impressing us with their durability.  We recommend buying a pack for back to school, and make sure Dad gets a pack too!

Loving it? Or not so much? We want to know!