The Nordic Invasion – Vyssan Lull

Vyssan Lull Fall 2010

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Johanna founder of Vyssan Lull online shop, who happens to be a fellow Jersey City resident. She made me feel very welcome in her showroom and I felt how enthusiastic she is about eco-friendly clothes and lifestyle.  Vyssan Lull, which is a pronunciation of Swedish Lullaby, is a metaphor for the look and feel of the Scandinavian children’s clothes wear. Vyssan Lull was the result of Johanna’s daughter Emma because Johanna did not see any really options in the U.S. for organic cotton the colors were either Brown, Green or Yellow very neutral colors.

Johanna being of Swedish and visiting her family started to buy Emma’s clothes in Sweden.  Scandinavian clothes are eco-friendly plus the colors and prints are fun and comfortable. Vyssan Lull currently offers 12 different brands and each of the items work so well together. The brands are either made of organic cotton or chemical free fabrics.  Johanna chooses to support the brands that are both ethical and hold true to the eco-friendly philosophy.  In the future, Vyssan Lull will offer more toys and various other items plus, Johanna will start a blog with tips on organic living, which would include washing tips.

Special thanks to Deanna Hernandez-Arza for this feature! Check out her blog for more goodness!

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