blabla kids – puppets, mobiles, dolls, clothing & more!

blabla kids - dolls, mobiles, backpacks and more

A big thanks to Addison’s Wonderland for mentioning this brand on their facebook page!

blabla kids was a truly serendipitous find- we happened upon them whilst browsing Facebook because they had supplied one of favourite bedroom decor folks with a doll for their photoshoot.  As we said on Facebook “Holy moly, this is adorable.”.  The dolls are just the beginning: they have puppets, animal backpacks, knit rattles, mobiles (more importantly- mermaid mobiles!!), and also a small line of clothing on top of that!  They were an adorable no-brainer addition to our baby shower gift idea board on Pinterest :)

Addison’s Wonderland – Children’s Bedding & Decor

kids bedding and decor

Addison’s Wonderland came to us purely through serendipity- a chance tweet we happened to see that landed us square in the middle of a world of girl’s bedding and decor that is straight out of a faerie tail.  Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles seems to be the mantra here…and who could ask for more?  The delicate patterns and rich textures created by the gathers and ruffles create dreamlike scenes for children and parents alike.  I know a few rooms in my house that could use a few more ruffles…

Introducing- Wall Stories

While not exactly children’s fashion, Wall Stories is definitely a must see for anyone who loves adorable decor. Wall Stories was created by Caron Reeder and Maria Carluccio with the vision of creating a product that would inspire and encourage children to be creative at a young age.

Wall Stories are fabric wall stickers that your child can reposition over and over again to tell a story. With options for both boys and girls, there is sure to be something to please. If your little boy loves dinosaurs, he will love arranging a a scene with T-Rex. For girls there is a lovely garden mural. Kids can even draw on the stickers to further personalize their story.

Our favorite option was the boy and girl baby squares. There are both fabric squares with images and areas for writing and picture frame squares to add photos to. The baby squares are a very personal way to decorate a nursery. And as your child gets older, they will have a blast adding their own touch.

Made of a polyester fabric weave the images are durable, cleanable, and repositionable. The material is non toxic and Wall Stories will send you a free sample to test on your walls.

We love the current options, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Alphabet Poster by Petit Collage

alphabet poster - petit college

Your walls deserve to be beautiful too, and petit collage is here to help with designs that are not only beautiful and fun, but environmentally sound too.  This screenprint is handpulled on uncoated 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  Available framed and unframed. The frame is handmade in the US, and  even uses shatterproof acrylic instead of glass to make the piece safe for your child’s room.  So go ahead, give your walls a little love!