GAP + Threadless = Adorable.

GAP + Threadless Tee's and OnesiesAs some of you may know, GAP and Threadless teamed up this spring to produce a fresh line of tee’s for men and women.  Well now that summer is rolling around, they’re extending the new line to include tee’s and onesies for your little dude or dudette!  Graphic tee’s are a mainstay in ANYONE’s wardrobe, and as they say, variety is the spice of life.  SO, next time your wee ones outgrow their current set of duds, be sure to stock up on this summer fashion staple any which way you can :)

Eli’s Lids Snowboarder Lid

If you can tear your eyes away from the little cutie’s face for a minute, you’ll notice he’s wearing one comfortable-looking cap.  This particular hat has a double layer of fabric and a fold up brim and visor.  The fabric is hand dyed, too!

Eli’s Lids is full of stylish hats to please the finicky boy who wants something that keeps his head warm, looks cool, and doesn’t have floppy animal ears.

Baby Eggi – Brown Apron Jumper

Ever since we found out we were having a baby girl I’ve been obsessed with brown and pink styles. Case in point, Emma now has three pairs of shoes that are brown with pink flowers. And my love for the color pairing extends beyond shoes. When I saw Baby Eggi’s Apron Jumper in brown and rose petal for sale on Zulily, I couldn’t help myself. I bought two, in sizes 2T and 3T.

Baby Eggi Brown Apron Jumpers

At the time, Emma was in size 6 months. After placing my order, I felt a little sheepish. I hadn’t heard of Baby Eggi before, much less owned any of their clothes. I wondered if I had bought more baby clothes that would languish unworn in Emma’s Closet. I needn’t have been worried.

When I received my purchases in the mail, I eagerly pulled out the jumpers. They were the softest material I have ever felt ( a cotton/modal blend), and the colors were rich and complimented each other perfectly. I wish they came in my size! Emma hasn’t been able to wear the jumper yet; it’ll be the perfect outfit for her next summer and into the fall. I definitely plan to use it as a layering piece with tights or leggings, and a sweater and cute pair of boots.

Baby Eggi didn’t disappoint when it came to my love affair with pink and brown, and my delight in my impulse purchase led me to check out their website – which is gorgeously simple. Something I appreciate in all things.

Baby Eggi is a clothing line created with love by two sisters on a mission-to make beautiful, high quality children’s clothing, and to create a better world for children everywhere. They succeed on both counts- their clothing is incredible and they give 20% of net proceeds to children’s charities.

I can’t wait for Emma to wear her jumpers, and I certainly plan on keeping my eye on Baby Eggi.

Zio Sport – Activewear for Kids

Zio Sport - Activewear for Kids

Kids who are comfortable keep playing longer.

That is the motto of Zio Sport, a family founded kids’ sportswear company that is out to change the way you think about the clothing your kids play in.  Like so many new clothing lines we love, Zio got its start from a simple feeling of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in children’s activewear.  In your typical chain store you’re going to find a plethora of options, all of them just shrunk down versions of the adult fit, without taking into account a kid’s unique physique and style.

To change that, Mindy Kratsas, Jane Kratsas and Ragan Melton, the founders of Zio Sport, went straight to the source: kids.  From selecting fabric, to making sure each piece fit their growing frame, kids have a say in how it all comes together.  Try finding that level of care in any other kid’s activewear line, we dare you!

Each piece is made from their exclusive cool-edge fabric technology, and each shirt features a small utility pocket for holding a cell phone, mp3 player, or other essentials.  The cool-edge fabric wicks moisture away from the skin AND blocks UV rays, keeping your little tumbler comfy and dry all day long.  Special mesh underarm patches add an additional level of air flow for maximum cooling.  Not only will your kids LOVE looking cool, AND feeling great, but because their clothes aren’t absorbing all of that sweat they’re going to look better longer, which will make your wallet happy too :)

As always, we are not content to simply tell you about another awesome new line, we’ve got to give you the chance to score some for yourself!  Stay tuned, coming up soon:  your shot at a Zio Sport gift certificate, plus a 20% discount for each and every one of our exceptionally stylish readers :)

The Nordic Invasion – Vyssan Lull

Vyssan Lull Fall 2010

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Johanna founder of Vyssan Lull online shop, who happens to be a fellow Jersey City resident. She made me feel very welcome in her showroom and I felt how enthusiastic she is about eco-friendly clothes and lifestyle.  Vyssan Lull, which is a pronunciation of Swedish Lullaby, is a metaphor for the look and feel of the Scandinavian children’s clothes wear. Vyssan Lull was the result of Johanna’s daughter Emma because Johanna did not see any really options in the U.S. for organic cotton the colors were either Brown, Green or Yellow very neutral colors.

Johanna being of Swedish and visiting her family started to buy Emma’s clothes in Sweden.  Scandinavian clothes are eco-friendly plus the colors and prints are fun and comfortable. Vyssan Lull currently offers 12 different brands and each of the items work so well together. The brands are either made of organic cotton or chemical free fabrics.  Johanna chooses to support the brands that are both ethical and hold true to the eco-friendly philosophy.  In the future, Vyssan Lull will offer more toys and various other items plus, Johanna will start a blog with tips on organic living, which would include washing tips.

Special thanks to Deanna Hernandez-Arza for this feature! Check out her blog for more goodness!

Knuckleheads Snow Board Beanie

Knuckleheads is the place to go for fierce boy-gear with a punk twist.  The Snow Board Beanie is soft and comfy, while preserving an edgy look for boys that express disdain for “baby” hats.  This hat has the signature Knuckleheads label on the front, the little dude with spiky hair, and a subtly boyish color.

We can’t promise he’ll keep it on in the midst of snowball wars and snow fort sieges, but at least while it’s on his head, he’ll be cozy and warm.

Tea Collection Kimono Robe

Tea Collection Kimono Sweater

Thick, luxurious, and oh-so-comfy with a stylish walnut color, this Tea collection Kimono Robe is the perfect addition to the fall wardrobe.  Take it a step further than the usual hoody this fall- pair it up with the favored pair of jeans, a layered henley, and a bit pair of boots :)

Kiwi Industries Organic Green Jacket

Kiwi Industries Organic Green JacketThis jacket is just the thing to pack in your child’s duffel for your family vacations, or even to throw on after climbing out of the pool.  We’re suckers for baby jackets with pointy hoods, especially when they have contrasting color binding, come in vibrant colors, and snap closure (no pinched necks!).  Plus, it’s organic.

Boy’s Vest by Jean Bourget


We’ve always had a soft spot for cardigans.  Button-ups keep you warm in nippy weather, look sharp, and are comfortable. This vest/cardigan by Jean Bourget has all of those qualities we love, in spades.

Double layered, in neutral charcoal gray, this one is ready to be a part of your layering ensemble to keep the winter winds at bay.