Stardust UK – Lego David Bowie Summer Skater Dress

glam skater dress

How do you make a cute little sleeveless glam dress even more glam? Add lego David Bowie of course! Simply cut, soft cotton and ruffles, with Ziggy Stardust printed bright and loud- summer garden parties beware :)

Find it here at Stardust UK, a lovely little boutique we recently discovered.

Zio Sport – Activewear for Kids

Zio Sport - Activewear for Kids

Kids who are comfortable keep playing longer.

That is the motto of Zio Sport, a family founded kids’ sportswear company that is out to change the way you think about the clothing your kids play in.  Like so many new clothing lines we love, Zio got its start from a simple feeling of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in children’s activewear.  In your typical chain store you’re going to find a plethora of options, all of them just shrunk down versions of the adult fit, without taking into account a kid’s unique physique and style.

To change that, Mindy Kratsas, Jane Kratsas and Ragan Melton, the founders of Zio Sport, went straight to the source: kids.  From selecting fabric, to making sure each piece fit their growing frame, kids have a say in how it all comes together.  Try finding that level of care in any other kid’s activewear line, we dare you!

Each piece is made from their exclusive cool-edge fabric technology, and each shirt features a small utility pocket for holding a cell phone, mp3 player, or other essentials.  The cool-edge fabric wicks moisture away from the skin AND blocks UV rays, keeping your little tumbler comfy and dry all day long.  Special mesh underarm patches add an additional level of air flow for maximum cooling.  Not only will your kids LOVE looking cool, AND feeling great, but because their clothes aren’t absorbing all of that sweat they’re going to look better longer, which will make your wallet happy too :)

As always, we are not content to simply tell you about another awesome new line, we’ve got to give you the chance to score some for yourself!  Stay tuned, coming up soon:  your shot at a Zio Sport gift certificate, plus a 20% discount for each and every one of our exceptionally stylish readers :)

Anthropologie Sewing Basket Kids’ Apron

Anthropologie Girl's Apron

This charming little apron is as whimsical as it is practical.  The rickrack trim adds flair to the bottom portion, while the upper part exudes a bold cheerful attitude.  We could certainly understand if your little one wanted to keep it on long after all the pancakes were eaten!

Kiwi Industries Organic Green Jacket

Kiwi Industries Organic Green JacketThis jacket is just the thing to pack in your child’s duffel for your family vacations, or even to throw on after climbing out of the pool.  We’re suckers for baby jackets with pointy hoods, especially when they have contrasting color binding, come in vibrant colors, and snap closure (no pinched necks!).  Plus, it’s organic.