Eli’s Lids Snowboarder Lid

If you can tear your eyes away from the little cutie’s face for a minute, you’ll notice he’s wearing one comfortable-looking cap.  This particular hat has a double layer of fabric and a fold up brim and visor.  The fabric is hand dyed, too!

Eli’s Lids is full of stylish hats to please the finicky boy who wants something that keeps his head warm, looks cool, and doesn’t have floppy animal ears.

Kapital K Denim Hooded Vest

This trendy vest provides a warm hood and a polar fleece lining to keep kids snug, even with cold winds whipping about their faces.  Denim is always popular in fall, but we bet there won’t be many of his classmates wearing the same vest to school, since Kapital K can only be found in certain boutiques or online.  In fact, the owner of Elephant Ears, one such fabulous boutique located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said Kapital K items sell out quickly.

Baby Eggi – Brown Apron Jumper

Ever since we found out we were having a baby girl I’ve been obsessed with brown and pink styles. Case in point, Emma now has three pairs of shoes that are brown with pink flowers. And my love for the color pairing extends beyond shoes. When I saw Baby Eggi’s Apron Jumper in brown and rose petal for sale on Zulily, I couldn’t help myself. I bought two, in sizes 2T and 3T.

Baby Eggi Brown Apron Jumpers

At the time, Emma was in size 6 months. After placing my order, I felt a little sheepish. I hadn’t heard of Baby Eggi before, much less owned any of their clothes. I wondered if I had bought more baby clothes that would languish unworn in Emma’s Closet. I needn’t have been worried.

When I received my purchases in the mail, I eagerly pulled out the jumpers. They were the softest material I have ever felt ( a cotton/modal blend), and the colors were rich and complimented each other perfectly. I wish they came in my size! Emma hasn’t been able to wear the jumper yet; it’ll be the perfect outfit for her next summer and into the fall. I definitely plan to use it as a layering piece with tights or leggings, and a sweater and cute pair of boots.

Baby Eggi didn’t disappoint when it came to my love affair with pink and brown, and my delight in my impulse purchase led me to check out their website – which is gorgeously simple. Something I appreciate in all things.

Baby Eggi is a clothing line created with love by two sisters on a mission-to make beautiful, high quality children’s clothing, and to create a better world for children everywhere. They succeed on both counts- their clothing is incredible and they give 20% of net proceeds to children’s charities.

I can’t wait for Emma to wear her jumpers, and I certainly plan on keeping my eye on Baby Eggi.

Knuckleheads Snow Board Beanie

Knuckleheads is the place to go for fierce boy-gear with a punk twist.  The Snow Board Beanie is soft and comfy, while preserving an edgy look for boys that express disdain for “baby” hats.  This hat has the signature Knuckleheads label on the front, the little dude with spiky hair, and a subtly boyish color.

We can’t promise he’ll keep it on in the midst of snowball wars and snow fort sieges, but at least while it’s on his head, he’ll be cozy and warm.

Me Too Azure Niles Mini Jacket

Me Too Azur Niles Mini Jacket

Sweet and more than a little funky, this Me Too Azure Niles Mini Jacket features a detachable hood and a zip front.  The bright and fun stripes tell the world “I don’t care how snowy it is out here, it’s always summer somewhere!”  and as an added bonus will make it easy to spot your little guy in a crowd!

Boy’s Vest by Jean Bourget


We’ve always had a soft spot for cardigans.  Button-ups keep you warm in nippy weather, look sharp, and are comfortable. This vest/cardigan by Jean Bourget has all of those qualities we love, in spades.

Double layered, in neutral charcoal gray, this one is ready to be a part of your layering ensemble to keep the winter winds at bay.